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54.000 .د.ب



If you are an employer that is frustrated from dealing with middlemen when it comes to hiring your staff! Then you are on the right platform becauseĀ MUFEED listing services connect the candidate to employers directly without middlemen who have taken advantage of such situations for a long time. Once you purchase this package you will gain access to the employee listing area which is which wee originally listed by the employee himself directly eliminating any intermediates and connecting you, the employer, or the visa owner, directly to the listed candidates enabling direct negotiation.

This minimal fee is the access fee, which is not at all the usual huge thousands of dollars fees paid to intermediates, will connect you directly to the applications and buy you services such as viewing candidates, biodata download, and online interviews on our platform. MUFEED is a platform connecting employers with job seekers directly and not a recruiting company we therefore urge both parties to check the local regulations strictly comply with the laws and regulations, and go only through the correct ligitemate channels as per the enforced laws.


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