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Are you looking for a job without paying huge recruitment fees? MUFEED is here to help you.

For those who are looking to work in the Gulf, especially in Bahrain, who have been frustrated from not being able to connect to the employers directly.

Mufeed makes job hunting in the Gulf easy. Leave the agents behind – register with Mufeed now and kickstart your exciting Gulf career.


MUFEED listing services connect the candidate to employers directly without middlemen who have taken advantage of such situations for a long time. Once you purchase this package your listing will appear in the listing area which is accessible by the employer (visa owner) directly eliminating any intermediates and connecting the employer (visa owner) directly to the listed candidates enabling direct negotiation.

Special benefits of MUFEED:

Direct Job Connections:    With Mufeed, you can directly connect with employers and secure lucrative job opportunities.

Visa form Sponsor direct:
No need to go through middlemen for Gulf visas. MUFEED connects you directly with sponsors who can arrange your visa and process your recruitment.

Online Interviews:
Say goodbye to long waits. You can now conduct online interviews directly with potential employers


Mufeed has revolutionized the job market in Bahrain with its innovative platform connecting employers to skilled professionals. The user-friendly interface makes the hiring process seamless, and its extensive database ensures that employers find the perfect match for their job requirements. This site truly streamlines recruitment in the Gulf, enhancing efficiency and bringing together the best talents with the right opportunities.

Vishal Yadav

Mufeed stands out as a game-changer in the Gulf job market, especially in Bahrain. The platform's focus on connecting employers with specialized talent is commendable. Its robust features, such as advanced search filters and real-time communication tools, make the hiring process efficient. Mufeed is a go-to resource for businesses seeking qualified professionals, fostering a dynamic and well-matched workforce in the region.

Shruti Singh


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